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USA Ambassador Visits TMR International Hospital

Published on 4 Jul 2019

USA Ambassador Visits TMR International Hospital
The US Ambassador to Uganda

The US Ambassador to Uganda her Excellency Deborah R. Malac graced TMR International Hospital with her presence today. She was accompanied by a team of International Ear Nose and Throat specialists led by Prof.J.Thomas Roland from New York University, USA.

During her tour of the hospital complex, the Ambassador expressed remarks of thanks to the ED Dr Daniel and Prof.J.Thomas Roland from New York University, USA. upon their heroic endeavours to help restore “hearing” to children. This comes two days after the team of ENT specialists performed a Cochlear Implant Surgery.

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Ear disease and hearing impairment are important health problems in the Ugandan population. The prevalence of hearing impairment is 11.7% in adults and 10.2% in children. [Westerberg BD 2008].

A cochlear implant (CI) is one way of treating hearing loss. A device a surgically implanted into the ear where it provides a sense of sound to a person with moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss. Cochlear implants bypass the normal acoustic hearing process, instead of replacing it with electric hearing.

For a person to need a Cochlear Implant, they should be completely or almost completely deaf in one or both ears and get almost no improvement with hearing aids. Anyone who can hear well enough with hearing aids is not a good candidate for cochlear implants.
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#Didyouknow that TMR international offers Cochlear Surgery Implant twice a year. We will have the next surgeries in November 2019! The local team includes Dr Christopher Ndorelire, Dr Julius G Mwangi and Dr Otim Julius.

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